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Sunday, March 3, 2013

House trim, and molding, hand made.

                    Hand carved rose corners.

This s is a hand carved rose corner. It measures 4" by 4" by 3/4" thick.These can be used for the  corners of window and door trim. This corner looks nice and is much cheaper then buying your molded corners.  They are made of pine, a soft wood that is inexpensive, readily available and easy to carve, with a hand held rotary tool. I made the rest of the moldings with 1" by 5' pine boards. I made three evenly spaced grooves using the table saw. If you make your own molding it will save you at least 1/2 the cost of real wood moldings. 
These rose corners can be stained or painted in a variety of colors. I could also carve them for you if you are not a do it yourself-er.

Eugenie Woodcraft
Beautiful furniture, made simple.

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